Reading Game 1

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- For beginning readers in K-2 . ** All apps on sale 70% off **
- Contains 48 lessons (1,200+ questions) and four reading games.
- Games and lessons use the same content to reinforce learning.

- Curriculum based on proven Sullivan’s Programmed Reading system.
- Prerequisite: child should know the alphabet and some sight words.
- Download the free Reading Game Starter app to find the right volume for your child.

Four new games: Sentence Builder, Memory Game, Object Finder, and Word Search!

Games use the content from each lesson allowing students to practice the words and sentences they just learned!

All lessons answers are narrated with the correct answer.

Your child will learn to read quickly and effectively through a research-based curriculum that has proven results!

Your child will experience an environment of delightful games where LEARNING is the reward!

Your child learns how to decode words, not simply read by sight, so they can build on what they learn and develop extensive reading skills.

Spoken sentences will engage your child and connect written and spoken language for a deeper, more fulfilling learning experience.

Your child will be immersed in an appealing visual environment to keep them motivated and wanting to learn.

You know that children will be learning how to read on their own, the difficulty level automatically progresses through smart technology.

User friendly, easy access detailed Report Card at the end of each lesson.

Helpful Parent Zone - monitoring student progress, direct connection to help, feedback and other helpful resources as well as access to administrative functions.

Supports multiple students, and allows the parent to adjust a student’s position in the lesson sequence.


A Complete Diagnostic and Prescriptive Program to Optimize Individual Progress in Beginning and Remedial Reading.

Aligned with the new Common Core Standards.

Based on comprehensive research, Sullivan’s Programmed Reading Course has had 50 years of success in teaching children to READ, this program has been a staple in classrooms throughout the world and has the teacher seal of approval as a tried and true method that delivers reading results!

The strength of the program lies in the phonologically
arranged order or sound-symbol patterns in which letters and words are presented. The focus is on decoding or “sounding out” words with an emphasis on a gradual and logical progression of material.

*Note: Only available in English.